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5 Best Places To Find Havaianas In Singapore

Havaianas are Brazilian-branded flip flops that have been in the market for decades. The flip flops were first branded in 1966 and even though originally they are from Brazil, they have found their way in many parts of the world. Havaianas are casual sandals. They have gone through various changes in the way they look since 1966 but even then, the same comfort and fashion statement they used to have has stood the test of time.

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Well, in case you are looking for high-quality Havaianas in Singapore, there are a few places you can buy. In this article, we will focus on these places, the range of products they offer, and the benefits to look forward too.

5 Places To Buy Havaianas Flip Flops In Singapore

  1. Brazil House

Brazil House is one of the main Havaianas online stores in Singapore. The company was founded two years ago with the sole purpose of offering high-quality products. Although at first the brand was only available on eBay and Amazon, due to increasing demand in the market they decided to open a comprehensive e-commerce site to serve customers all over the world. Brazil House has a wide variety of flip flops for you to choose from. Whether your intention is to make a fashion statement or to find some comfortable sandals to chill out in, the company has something for everybody. There are also a few advantages which we will show you now.

Brazil House offers free worldwide shipping. The flip flops come at a flat fee. You don’t need to pay for shipping like you do with other sellers. Once you check out, the Havaianas will arrive at your doorstep without extra fees. The only flipside to free shipping is that it may take longer. Normally, it takes between 7-14 days to get your Havaianas. However, in case you want the flops sooner, you can choose the Express Shipping option from the company and have the Havaianas delivered within 7 business days. This will cost you an extra $5 but it will be worth it.

Brazil House has also done well to make its prices competitive. Getting high-quality Havaianas doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money. This is exactly the kind of mentality that Brazil House has. The company has streamlined costs to make sure you get access to high-quality Havaianas at very affordable prices.

Brazil House will also offer excellent customer service. The company has a network of support reps standing by to answer any questions that you may have. Whether you have a question about a shipment that did not arrive, discounts and deals, or how to choose good Havaianas, the support team will be available 24/7 to take care of your needs.

The product range available at Brazil House is huge and people that love flip flops love variety. You want to be able to choose from different colors and different designs all at once. Brazil House offers this opportunity with the huge diversity of Havaianas under its stock.

  1. Zalora

Zalora is also a leading online Havaianas seller with a wide range of products too. The company has specific products designed for both men and women. You will also be able to get unlimited next day delivery on all orders. Zalora offers free delivery on all orders above $40. In case you don’t like the Havaianas sent to you, you can return them within 30 days at no extra cost.

What really sets Zalora apart is the massive diversity of colors available. You can choose more than 10 color options or combinations on its website. The Havaianas are however relatively more expensive compared to other competitors in the market. Additionally, even if there is a free shipping option, you will still need to spend at least $40 to qualify.

  1. Tangs

The main selling point for Tangs as a Havaianas seller is its diversity. The company has a good variety of flip flops. Whether you are looking for something for the kids or for yourself, you will definitely find it there. Also, don’t forget to look out for a few sales each year for very good deals. In case you are a budget buyer looking for a broad diversity of Havaianas at good prices, you can get some quality products at Tangs.

However, it is important to note that Tangs is not an exclusive Havaianas seller. The company is simply a diverse e-commerce website that has a wide range of products. Havaianas just happen to be one of many products available. For this reason, the company may lack enough expertise in offering you the best Havaianas in the market.

  1. FlopStore

FlopStore also has a very good diversity of products for you. From Havaianas for kids to unisex options, you will easily find what you are looking for in a heartbeat. Sadly, you don’t get free shipping. The shipping cost will be passed down to the customer and this makes the cost relatively high. Despite this, FlopStore seems to have a lot of positive customer feedback. It seems like a lot of people that have bought the sandals here love them. The company is also available on a global scale. You don’t need to be in Singapore to enjoy its products. Just order from its e-commerce website and have the flops delivered to you.

  1. Schumart

Schumart is well known in Singapore as a leading shoes provider and it has a great collection of flip flops too. Although Havaianas are very popular on its website, the company also has additional flip flop brands too. Unlike some other sellers in this list, Schumart doesn’t offer free shipping. You will pay for shipping on all orders and sometimes the cost could be as high as $4 on each purchase. There is also a favorable returns policy at the company but it has to be done within three weeks after purchase.

Getting high-quality Havaianas in Singapore is not that hard given the massive diversity of online stores offering these flip flops. However, if you want value for money, Brazil House is the place for you.

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