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5 Awesome Places You Can Buy Havaianas in Canada

Flip flops have become an integral part of fashion these days but they actually have a very rich history. Sandals can be traced back to the Egyptian civilization centuries ago. Even though at the time they were basic, the design has literally remained the same until today. The great thing about Havaianas is that they […]

Best Places To Buy Havaianas In UK

Havaianas are Brazil branded sandals that come in various shapes and colors. They are also known as flip flops. Even though their origin is mostly Brazil, over the years we have seen the growth of Havaianas to many markets around the world. The UK is not an exception. In case you are looking for high-quality […]

Best Flip Flops Brands In 2019

There is no argument that flip flops are some of the most popular types of footwear in the world. Despite the fact that they originate from Brazil, they are a global phenomenon. You can find flip flops in Japan, the UK, the US, and pretty much any other country in the world. However, although the […]

5 Best Places To Find Havaianas In Singapore

Havaianas are Brazilian-branded flip flops that have been in the market for decades. The flip flops were first branded in 1966 and even though originally they are from Brazil, they have found their way in many parts of the world. Havaianas are casual sandals. They have gone through various changes in the way they look […]

Brazil House – Lanuching & Introduction

Brazil House was launched in January 2017 in the aim of supplying the customer with the highest value quality product for the most competitive price available in the market. Our brand started selling in Amazon and on eBay. After a tremendous success and upon the request of thousands of customers we decided to expand the […]

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